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Booking a boat

In order to make the reservations as smooth as possible, Sailing In Blue has prepared the following note describing the usual procedure of booking a bareboat (both for sailing or motor yacht) charter for your yachting holidays in the Greek islands.


Please give us:

  • your full name
  • dates or period required
  • ports or sailing area desired
  • number in party or preferred type/size of the yacht
  • and any special request you might have at this stage.

Please note that departure & returns of charters are usually scheduled for Saturdays. Duration of charters is 1 or 2 or 3. full weeks.

One-way charters are many times possible between Sailing In Blue charter bases in Greece, according to the availability planning, and generally apply to 14 or more days of charter and for yachts of 36 feet or bigger.

The more information we get from you, the more appropriate choices we propose. Usually you can expect an answer within the same day. Very often our answer includes more than one available yacht, her equipment, prices and discounts - ALL to meet your requirements.


After you are informed about available yachts and prices, and are really interested in one or more yachts you should tell Sailing In Blue to keep the yacht(s) for you. In such a case we will keep one or at maximum two of the previously offered available yachts under "option" for a maximum period of 7 days. This means the boat is blocked for you for one week - until your final decision is made. If you do not confirm the booking during this period of time, this "option" will automatically be cancelled. Please note: In case the option is asked during the high season (end July - Mid October) or if an option is asked a few days before the commencement of every charter, then the duration of the "option" is less than 3 days.


When you consider your booking fix and final, please confirm this in written to us by sending us the dates, bases, exact price, extras and other special requirements or useful information. We shall then reconfirm the booking immediately to you by giving you a charter code number. In your future correspondence, please always refer to the charter code. You will receive by e-mail the contract and all necessary payment and charter information.


Right after we provide you with Sailing In Blue confirmation and charter code number reference, we will also send you by e-mail:

The contract signed by us (Charter Party): After you sign her , you should send it back to us , by e-mail or Fax

An empty crew list for you to complete and forward back to us.

The "Info Letter" with all necessary details , Bank Account etc.

If you wish to pay through Credit Card, we will send you the Credit Card Authorization Form.

Payment through Credit Card has a 2% surcharge.

The Base Instructions (name of our base manager, telephone Nr., meeting point)

A blank provisioning list to complete (if you wish so) and forward back to Sailing In Blue

To ensure we have all necessary documents for us we need to receive for each charter complete copies of the Skipper's and Co-Skipper Certificate or Sailing resume.