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...between Patmos and Kalimnos






leros Situated between Patmos and Kalimnos. Leros is an island of small fertile valleys sandwiched between rolling green hills, deep coves and pretty beaches Leros' topography has given rise to many villages. leros_viewThe most important is the capital. Agia Marina - united with two other villages. Platanos and Pandeli, on the back side of the hill - a collection of little white houses, neoclassical buildings and narrow alleyways It starts at the seaside and gradually climbs up the sides of the hill, whose summit is dominated by the sombre remains of a Byzantine castle Of special significance during Byzantine times, its shape is that given it by the Knights of SI John, who arrived in Leros in the 14th century leros

Still standing today are the circuit wall and the church of Our Lady within it L.aki, 3 kilometres south of Agia Marina is the islands port. It is built at the back of a deep, practically enclosed bay, whose mouth is only 500 metres wide This is one of the largest and best natural harbours in the Mediterranean Alinda, Xirokambos, and Partheni are charming seaside villages, while you'll find wonderful swimming at the beaches of Agia Marina, Pandeli, Vromolitho, Alinda, Laki, Merikia, and Xirokambos, to name a few