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LogBook Collection

Here you can find some of our Clients logbooks, with many information and pictures of the sailing areas of their cruises. You can get ideas and suggestions from their sailing experience in Greece, it may be helpfull to plan your own sailing holidays...

Frühjahrstörn Dodekanes vom 22. April bis 1. Mai 2010


Mr. Eckhard Kurth, April - May 2007 (German text)

"Der Wind weht nun sehr stabil ständig über 40 Knoten. Wir holen das Großsegel herunter, um uns mit Kurs 160 nun nur mit dem Focksegel als „Blase“ ziehen zu lassen. Herrlich!"

The complete logbook by Eckhard Kurth


Mr. Alan Inglis, New Zealand - One way cruise from Athens to Rhodes

"The 21 day sailing adventure started in Athens. We arrived in from Singapore and booked into our hotel in central Athens, ...only a few minutes walk from the Acropolis, ..."

The complete logbook, as written by Alain Inglis


Mr. Frank van Mierlo , (9 Weeks In Greece -July -August 2006)

"We arrived at the marina at 1:00 pm on Sunday July 2, 2006. Vagelis, the owner/manger of the charter company, was in the bow changing the fuse of the bow thruster. The "Siora Maria", a brand new 50.4 Cyclades model from Beneteau, was being cleaned and it looked luxurious..."

Download the complete illustrated story here, an excellent sailing testimonial of Greece, as written by Frank Van Mierlo. Click to view the {rokbox title=|Frank Van Mierlo Route|}images/stories/articles/frank_2006.gif{/rokbox}


Mr. Kurth - Dodecanese April 2005 (German text)

"Navigation nach Sicht aus der Marina heraus Richtung Norden. Es ist phantastisches Wetter. Die Stimmung an Bord ist ausgezeichnet."

The complete logbook, as written by Eckhard Kurth.


Mr. Jens Klenke, Koblenz - Germany, Peleponess, South To North

The sailing route of Mr. Klenke with several usefull remarks


Mr. Echkard Kurth - RHODES APRIL 2006 (German text)

"Ortszeit in Rhodos. Das herrliche, gewohnte Tohuwabohu auf griechischen Inselflughäfen vermittelt sofort heimatliche Gefühle, und schon kurze Zeit später sitzen wir in unserem Taxi Richtung Hafen Mandraki, wo uns um ..."

The complete logbook, a must read sailing and tourist guide, as written by Ecki.


To avoid browser issues, alternatively, you can right click on a logbook and choose the "save as" option...