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1. Naxos
(Cyclades - Islands)
... are more tolerated than touted and I am not surprised to learn that more visitors stay longer here that any other tourist resort in Greece. Virtually the whole of the south east coast is one line ...
2. Milos
(Cyclades - Islands)
Milos, island, most southwesterly of the major islands of the Greek Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. The greater portion of the 150.6-sq-km island, of geologically recent volcanic origin, is rugged, culminating ...
3. Kythnos
(Cyclades - Islands)
The small island of Kythnos is mainly mountainous but full of pretty little bays which relieve the harshenees of the bare earth. Hora or Messaria is the island's capital noted for the beautiful churches ...
4. Kimolos
(Cyclades - Islands)
... arrived in the 16th century, and invaded and conquered most of Greece. Kimolos was no exception, but the piracy on the island continued, and almost all the islanders left in the 18th century. Worth to ...
5. Ios
(Cyclades - Islands)
... that the great poet died and was buried in Ios, the birthplace of his mother, Klymeni. Travellers in Greece in the 17th-19th century do not omit mentioning the evident delight of the inhabitants of the ...
6. Santorini
(Cyclades - Islands)
...  Modern Greek Thera, also called Santorini, island, the southernmost island of the Cyclades group, Greece, in the Aegean Sea, sometimes included in the Southern Sporades group. The island has ...
7. Delos
(Cyclades - Islands)
Delos island, one of the smallest of the Cyclades, Greece, an ancient centre of religious, political, and commercial life in the Aegean Sea. Now largely uninhabited, it is a rugged granite mass about 1.3 ...
8. Mykonos island in Cyclades
(Cyclades - Islands)
... restaurant or a taverna. The island is also one of the most upscale areas of Greece, and its real estate is very expensive. The popularity of the island has given rise to a wave of real estate development ...
9. Amorgos
(Cyclades - Islands)
... places from which the Ionians passed through to the Cyclades Islands and onto mainland Greece. The existence of three independent cities with autonomous constitution and the same currency, which have been ...
10. Antiparos
(Cyclades - Islands)
... discerned is Bishop De Gabrie (1673) and Otto, king of Greece (1840). Agios Georgios is worth a visit. It is a tiny village with pretty surroundings and great calm. We do not know much about the ...
11. Andros
(Cyclades - Islands)
... Euboea, it sent colonies to Chalcidice, the great peninsula of northeastern Greece, in the 7th century BC. It submitted to Persia in 490 BC and was harried by the Athenian fleet for supplying ships to ...
12. Northern Greece 2013, Neil Armitage
(Sailing in Greece/Articles)
... in desperation we sent an SMS to Georgia and waited all day but got no response – sometimes an SMS from Greece to Greece via Vodafone NZ either takes a long time or gets lost on the way. We hunkered ...
13. Sailing in Greece 2011, by Neil Armitage
(Sailing in Greece/Articles)
Thoughts of extended cruising in the Eastern Mediterranean were seeded after our 2008 flotilla cruise in the Saronic and Argolic Gulf of Greece. We talked about sailing for several months each year and ...
14. Sailing In Greece - Map
(Sailing in Greece/General Information)
To charter a sailing yacht in Greece it is necessary for two crewmembers (skipper and co-skipper) to have sailing certificates proving their competence. In any case, at least one certificate/license should ...
... a bus (or a minibus), limousine or taxi, all at an extra charge, payable in Greece directly to SAILING IN BLUE upon embarkation. EXTRAS All extras such as skipper, hostess, windsurf, spinnakers/blisters, ...
17. Arrival
... to the airport can be arranged in advance. We can provide a bus (or a minibus), limousine or taxi, all at an extra charge, payable in Greece directly to SAILING IN BLUE upon embarkation. EXTRAS All ...
... applies to almost all ports in Greece with varied costs. Options - Any optional extras that you might have specifically requested.  ...
19. Payment procedures
... the boat rental fees to reach our bank in Greece. Funds should be remitted to our bank in Greece: Bank Address:   PIREAUS BANK -Pagrati - Branch Athens Account Holder : Amalia Floriou - ...
20. Booking a boat
... weeks. One-way charters are many times possible between Sailing In Blue charter bases in Greece, according to the availability planning, and generally apply to 14 or more days of charter and for yachts ...
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